Are Resin Models Safe?

Elite Geek Mini’s models have been tested for the optimal exposure time and fully cured before shipment.  Curing ensure there is no residual resin on the model.  Direct contact with uncured resin should be avoided. Do not eat Elite Geek Minis model.  I shouldn’t have to say that, but don’t eat them.  That may be relevant for the next point. Elite Geek Minis are not intended for children and should be kept of of reach of children. Some models may ship with magnets.  Don’t ingest magnets. That means don’t eat them.  Seriously, my wife will not be happy if I tell her we need a lawyer because someone ate a magnet.

What type of Resin is used for model production?

All Elite Geek Mini’s models are produced using Water Washable Resin.  Currently we are using Phrozen Water Washable Gray Resin: https://geni.us/PhrozenWaterWashable

This resin has show the best combination of color, strength, and flexibility.  All of these traits are important for miniatures to ensure they stay together and resist breakage if dropped.

What kind of printer are these printed on?

All Elite Geek Mini’s prints are produced using 50 micron Mono Resin printer technology.  This creates a very high quality print that can be created in a reasonable time period to ensure prints get to the end user quickly.

Currently Elite Geek Minis is primarily using these printers:

Anycubic Photon Mono for smaller batch items: https://geni.us/AnycubicPhotonMono

Anycubic Photon Mono-X for large production models: https://geni.us/AnycubicPhotonMonoX

Where do you ship?

All items are shipped from the United States.

Currently we are set to ship to the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia

Free and discounted shipping is available over orders of $100.  Details on the Free and Discount Shipping Options Page

What Glue should I used for assembling the models?

Plastic glue will NOT work on Resin.  Elite Geek Minis uses Insta-Cure+ which has been very strong and quick curing: https://geni.us/Insta-CurePlus

Any high quality Super Glue (CA) should be able to be used.  Depending on the glue you may need to hold the pieces in place longer than with a plastic model.

For best adhesion score the model with a knife before gluing the pieces together.  This will give the glue extra contact to cure and hold better.