Grim Maus Super Heavy Battle Tank


  • Includes parts to assemble one 3D Resin Printed Gray Grim Maus
  • Parts come unpainted and require some assembly
  • Available with or without magnets
  • Installation video available for detailed assembly
  • Quantity Discount for purchase of 3 or more of any combination of Tanks
  • The Grim Maus are currently in preproduction and will begin shipping in the middle of January on a first order first ship basis
Title Range Discount
Bulk Discount 3 - 10 10%


The Grim Maus Super Heavy Battle Tank from Elite Geek Minis is a 3D model printed in a Water Washable Model Gray resin for maximum  quality and safety.  The design has been officially licensed from Grim Prints.  The Grim Panzer will come in multiple components and will require assembly.  Plastic glue does not work on resin and a high quality CA (SuperGlue) is recommended.  More details on assembly in the FAQ.

The nature of 3D printed resin components means you will receive a very high quality print, but it will not be perfect.  Just like most model kits some sprues and supports may need to be removed, parts may require some cleaning, and glue may require longer to cure that with some other models.

By far the largest tank from Grim Prints, the Grim Maus Heavy Battle Tank includes rotating turret and weapon options which are prepped for magnetizing and can include Twin Battle Cannons, Twin Anti-tank Cannons, Twin Heavy Spinner Cannons and Super Heavy Plasma Cannon. The sponsons are prepped to be magnetized from the inside so you can choose to use them or not and the magnets are not visible from the outside. You can mount the sponsons in one of three locations on the sides of the tank.  **It is not recommended that both sponson mounting AND sponson weapons are magnetized as it will result in some interference of polarities. However, it is still quite possible to use with all weapon options able to be swapped out easily. It is the perfect size to represent a heavy tank for heroic 28mm wargaming. Turret and hull hatches are loose so you can add your own operators.


Front to back including fenders/treads(but not main cannons) is 187mm.

Width including sponsons is 126mm. Not including sponsons is 108mm.

Height including turret is 77mm, not including turret 96mm.

If you have your own 3D printer already and would like to purchase the STL files and print this tank on your own it is available in STL format directly from Grim Prints here: Grim Prints STL Files

Additional information

Turret Weapon

Include all Turret Weapons, Twin-Anti-Tank Cannon, Twin-Battlecannon, Twin-Spinner Cannon, Heavy Plasma Cannon

Sponson Weapons

Heavy Machine Guns, Heavy Flame Thrower, Stub Machine Guns, Include all Sponson Weapons

Magnet Options

Include Magnets, No Magnets


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