Heavy Weapons Teams of the Kampf Empire


  • Eight Weapon Combinations of Units to choose from
  • Some Heavy Weapons Teams available with or without troops
  • Models will require removal from sprues and require assembly
  • All Units with troops ship with 60mm black round bases
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The Heavy Weapons Teams of the Kampf Empire from Elite Geek Minis is a 3D model printed in a Water Washable Model Gray resin for maximum  quality and safety.  The design has been officially licensed from Red Makers.  The Heavy Weapons Teams will comes in multiple options and are available in three packs.  Plastic glue does not work on resin and a high quality CA (SuperGlue) is recommended.  More details on assembly in the FAQ.

The nature of 3D printed resin components means you will receive a very high quality print, but it will not be perfect.  Just like most model kits some sprues and supports may need to be removed, parts may require some cleaning, and glue may require longer to cure that with some other models.  Eye protection must be worn while cleaning the model and masks should be worn when filing resin to prevent dust inhalation.  Some models will be preassembled and some will ship on the supports for additional stability during shipping.

The Heavy Weapons Teams provide support (meaning big guns) to the Trench Guard forces.  Working in two man teams they can provide medium or heavy machine gun fire to take out masses of troops, mortars to hit troops they can’t see and heavier weapons to take down vehicles.  There are even specialized units to hit enemies underground or heavy flame throwers when you just need some ‘fire’power.


The Trench Guard Troops are a 28mm scale and come with 60mm black bases.  They would be considered more true scale and less “heroic”.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Heavy Weapon Type

Automatic Cannon, Heavy Machine Gun, Laser Cannon, Mortar, Stub Machine Gun, Heavy Flamethrower Team, Heavy Stub Machine Gun, Underground/TOW Missile Launcher

Unit Type

No Troops, Include Kampf Empire Troops


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